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Getting your OM on for January

It’s January. A cold harsh contrast to December’s decadence, and the will power of New year’s day is starting to wane. Diets, detoxes, and distinct lack of fun feels less saintly and more snoooz-worthy by the day. Don’t let 2017 trick you into starting on the back foot, WE MUST STAND FIRM! But how, you might ask? Well, a little bit of OM might help.

Yes, we know we sound a little bit like raging hippies, but a few moments of reflection can help you focus; on what you want; on yourself (for a change) or on simply relaxing. So it stands to reason that Yoga is the exercise De Jour for January – it gives your brain a bit of breathing space, while still giving your body the traditional post Turkey boot camp treatment (NB, it doesn’t HAVE to be boot camp worthy and there are lots of different yoga styles to suit your appropriate level of sadism, errr, sorry we mean fitness level).

So with that in mind, we went a-hunting for somewhere local to get our OM on… Continue Reading


ReACT – An all day festival & exhibition at Red Door Studios

As some of you already know, our favourite East-Ham-artists- hidey-hole (Red Door Studios, duh!) is planning a 7 day exhibition on the impact of Brexit on locals and artists alike, called reACT.

It kicks off with a bang on 3rd September with an all day LIVE ART & MUSIC-ATHON (quick, get it in your diary or click here for the Facebook event.) and we’ve got the insider scoop from some of the artists! Yep, that’s right, investigative journalism, right here people… Continue Reading


West Ham welcomes Spectrum Studios

The far east{london} gets a rehearsal studio

Since moving in to East Ham, we have been keeping a beady eye out for somewhere to make music (erm, noise?) without upsetting the neighbours and had discovered a distinct LACK of rehearsal spaces out here in the far east{london}.

Enter Spectrum Studios to solve all our far eastern muso woes (hurrah!) in the form of a respectable rehearsal space complete with retro furry wall art that doubles as super cool sound proofing. Continue Reading


Life Drawing @ Red Door Studios

The little red door of hope…

Hiding quietly in the darkest depths of E6 is an artistic wee bolt hole called Red Door Studios that we are tipping to be the next ‘Big-I-am’ in East Ham…An artist studio come venue for hire come part time gallery, cafe and event space set up in a Victorian glass factory near Central Park. This place is #wellHipinE6!

red door 

Life drawing every fortnight, 7-9pm

Once a fortnight Red Door Studios hold life drawing sessions for people looking to reconnect with their inner creative. Last week, we went along to have a nosey and do some drawing stuffs. You can see our first effort below… Continue Reading