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The Red Lion cometh!

It’s heeeeere! Finally after much anticipation and social media buzz, there is a new PUB in East Ham!

The arrival of East Ham gastropub The Red Lion (the artist formally known as The Hammers) will not be news to many of you. It is probably THE most talked about opening of 2018 (and 2017 for that matter). Twitter and Facebook were a buzz with excitement before the grand opening and any of you who follow the Manor Park E12 & East Ham E6 Facebook page, read the East Edge mag or follow the lovely folks at Greatfield Residents Association will have been all over this like a rash. For those of you who don’t, a) why the heck not? Get yourself hooked up to the E6 grapevine STAT (follow the links above!) and b) don’t worry, we’re gonna tell you all about it…

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Cocoa Bocoa: East Ham’s own artisan chocolatier

First there was the good enough to eat instagram feed – all brightly coloured yummy looking choccie’s covered in sparkles and rose petals and pretty things and hashtagged as #eastham. We used the heart eyed emoji to respond (Natch). Then there was the surprise encounter at the last Greatfield Market with a stall selling beautifully crafted chocolates. All these clues point to one thing… ARTISAN CHOCOLATE MADE IN EAST HAM!

That’s right, E6 now has its very own artisan chocolatier selling online and at local markets…. East Blam caught up with Cocoa Bocoa to talk East Ham hang outs (The Grill, on High Street North gets a thumbs up), Sustainable cocoa, the  best chocolate to have with your coffee and flavour combinations that have been quite literally dreamt up. We also got taste a few of their favourite flavours too. Market research, we assure you, dear readers… we only do it for the story #properjournalists.

Scroll down for the full interview (you are going to love it, these guys are totes profesh), and our ‘review’ (ok, we’ll tell you now, we go all out with the full five stars!). Continue Reading


Done with your Detox? Time for a takeaway from Squires African Restaurant

The detox done and we made it to payday… That makes it officially time for a celebratory takeaway! We tried Squires Restaurant, on Barking Road back in December, and now the predictably abstemious January is done, it seems like the perfect time to tell you all about it!

Squires is a West African restaurant in East Ham South. The website says ‘West African home-style food with a Nigerian influence’ so you can find all the usual Nigerian favourites on the menu (the Pepper soup was a winner) and it makes a refreshing change from the sea of South Indian eating options in East Ham and Upton Park. They have restaurants in East Ham, Canning Town, Dagenham and Grays, Essex. Continue Reading


A full English at the Parkside Cafe, East Ham

Ok, so back to breakfasts, after a short hiatus! The full english breakfast, to be precise. With a proper Brew.

In the words of Andy Williams ‘It’s the holiday season so Whoop-de-doo’ and even if Christmas isn’t your bag (whew, it’s over now so you can reee-laaa-xxxx) tis still the season to get merry and new years eve festivities are looming on the horizon. But when all is said and done, resolutions are set and the night before is over, what are you left with in the cold stark light of New Years Day? Most likely, a hangover. So you will need the ultimate hangover cure – a classic Full English breakfast served up with a full fat builders tea.

Aaaaaand, we happen to know a very good spot for this kind of thing. Taa-daaa: Parkside Cafe, on High Street South.

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Whenlock the Butcher, Plaistow

Vegetarians, I am afraid that this article is not for you – we are about to do quite a lot of talking about meat. We’ll make it up to you by directing you to an awesome vegetarian restaurant here.

So, what were we saying, ah yes that’s right. Meat. Locally chopped, free range, good quality meat from a very friendly butcher and just in time for you to get your order in for your festive feastings (if you are quick).

T&J Whenlock: A butchers like your mum used to make!

We are feeling smug today, thanks to a neighbourly hot tip that the best butcher in town, who goes by the name  T&J Whenlock, could be found on the Barking Road (no. 380 to be precise) just 15 minutes from our house!

Open since 1882, it’s been on that spot longer than many of us have lived in East Ham! It has survived two world wars, at least two recessions, women getting the vote and 2016 so far (the year of doom. We might even go so far as to say year-a-geddeon) while seemingly holding on on to great quality and friendliness to boot.  It is run by a husband and wife team (no, silly, they haven’t been there since 1882! ) who also happen to live in East Ham (Hi neighbours!) so is exactly the reason that we all need to #shoplocal more often.  Continue Reading


East Ham Breakfast Club: Spice up your life at Chennai Dosa

Yes yes, we KNOW East Ham has an awesome choice of South Indian eateries. No news there… Wait, what? They serve breakfast??! Um yes, they do and we want to tell you about specifically about Chennai Dosa and their breakfast buffet. Are you sitting comfortably, then we shall begin.

Breakfast: East Ham’s path less catered for.

Breakfast is East Blam’s favourite meal of the day (East Ham Breakfast club, anyone?), but we had rather assumed that it was the path less catered and being spoiled for choice at dinner time has meant that we haven’t really had the time or inclination to explore breakfast options UNTIL NOW… 

So, one chilly morning we trudged hungrily up East Ham High street in search of sustenance and found ourselves in Chennai Dosa eating curry for breakfast.  Continue Reading


Far East{London} antics

Wondering about local pubbage, you booze hounds you? you are not alone…

There is no shortage of pubs in East Ham or Newham. There IS however, a shortage of good beer (you know ale, not lager-lager-lager-mega-mega-white-thing and all that), foodie pubs and family friendly venues.

Newham is rich in public housery, and boasts some of the most beautiful booze buildings in old London town. There are plenty to go around, if you are a Sporty-McSport-Sport, or love your lager. If however you prefer ale (ale-glorious a-a-ale), fancy any kind of independently brewed alcohol, or need a family friendly place to while away your Sunday, you might find yourself rather stuck. So much so that the BLAM inbox is chock full of emails from non footie folks, all wondering about their local beer den might be. Continue Reading


Everyman, Canary Wharf – a nearby cini-treat.

Indie Cinema at its finest.

Those of you who have not experienced cinema a la Everyman yet, your FOMO is totes justified (translation for anyone who doesn’t speak TOWIE: Dear fellows, if you suffer Fear Of Missing Out, it is not fear, it is totally accurate dear boy). You ARE missing out.

Everyman is a beautiful and boutique cinema experience available in a few spots across London complete with sofas, fancy chocolates, mini pizzas and in seat wine delivery and there is one just 3 miles from East Ham! Who knew??? (um, well we did and probably everyone in Canary Wharf does too so shhhhhh, it’s our little secret!).

So with this knowledge and Google’s blue dot in hand, East Blam went exploring the wilds of Canada Water and Canary Wharf just before Christmas, braving the city boys playground in the name of the Force.

Strong, was it. Yummy Pizza, we had. Continue Reading


In Pictures: The Greatfield Winter Market

On November 14th, the good people of Greatfield turned out for the second instalment of the Greatfield community and craft market. Oh, and what a day it was!

There were records to rummage through (that was us!), winter gardening goodies, the obligatory rustic christmas tree decorations that no  winter market would be complete without (we bought some, they were soooooo cute!), knitted jelly baby toys (yep, got some of those too!) and many other festive treats. And Mulled Wine.



Central Park, East Ham: An ode to Summer…

Summer. Until next time.

It is a cold and drizzly morning in East Ham and today we are missing the buzz of summer. So we thought it was time to upload this little wee video we took of Central Park way back when the sun was high in the sky to help remind you all that it comes back, every year. No matter how dark December gets, April never far behind it AND we have an AWESOME park space to help us make the most of it.  Continue Reading