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Baby friendly Newham

East Ham is a haven for new families; good primary schools, an abundance of parks and relatively low house prices (for London) are all good reasons for newbie parents to make the journey further east and become E6 explorers. This and the fact that East Ham has an utterly amazing kiddie friendly community of parents, volunteers and council led schemes that provide a wonderful local support network. Yep, East Ham is a winner when it comes to small people; from council led Children’s Centres and NCT meet ups, to a 250 strong What’sApp group of mums chatting parenting, babies, boobs and the state of the UK. All that, topped off with a few solid family friendly cafes means East Ham has everything you need to bring a new tiny human into the world. Continue Reading


Getting your OM on for January

It’s January. A cold harsh contrast to December’s decadence, and the will power of New year’s day is starting to wane. Diets, detoxes, and distinct lack of fun feels less saintly and more snoooz-worthy by the day. Don’t let 2017 trick you into starting on the back foot, WE MUST STAND FIRM! But how, you might ask? Well, a little bit of OM might help.

Yes, we know we sound a little bit like raging hippies, but a few moments of reflection can help you focus; on what you want; on yourself (for a change) or on simply relaxing. So it stands to reason that Yoga is the exercise De Jour for January – it gives your brain a bit of breathing space, while still giving your body the traditional post Turkey boot camp treatment (NB, it doesn’t HAVE to be boot camp worthy and there are lots of different yoga styles to suit your appropriate level of sadism, errr, sorry we mean fitness level).

So with that in mind, we went a-hunting for somewhere local to get our OM on… Continue Reading


Happiness (in pizza form) is just around the corner…

Hanging out on a corner in Forest Gate has never been so much fun.

So a few weeks back, we finally got around to hitting up Newham’s newest news: The Corner Kitchen.

Run by two local ladies (Beth and Misty, oh you know them? – perhaps you read about them in The Leytonstoner?), it opened its bistro shaped doors in January this year, serving brunch, coffee and cake by day and perfect pizza-y goodness by night. Of course, being a new hipster eatery in the short line of hipster things that have been slowly trickling in to Forest Gate, they immediately got the local anarchists knickers all in a twist for being a giant corporate machine that signified the end of Forest Gate as we knew it. Given that it is run by two local mums who have lived in Fo’Ga for years and are busily being Forest-Great, contributing to local community and art events as well as running mum and baby groups, we might suggest that the anarchists needed to do a bit more research… Anyhoo, we digress.

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Far East{London} antics

Wondering about local pubbage, you booze hounds you? you are not alone…

There is no shortage of pubs in East Ham or Newham. There IS however, a shortage of good beer (you know ale, not lager-lager-lager-mega-mega-white-thing and all that), foodie pubs and family friendly venues.

Newham is rich in public housery, and boasts some of the most beautiful booze buildings in old London town. There are plenty to go around, if you are a Sporty-McSport-Sport, or love your lager. If however you prefer ale (ale-glorious a-a-ale), fancy any kind of independently brewed alcohol, or need a family friendly place to while away your Sunday, you might find yourself rather stuck. So much so that the BLAM inbox is chock full of emails from non footie folks, all wondering about their local beer den might be. Continue Reading


Fo’Gate is the new Dalston (!) and only a 15 minute ride away…

We’d love to say ‘you heard it here first. Except you didn’t. Estate agents all over the Far East{london} have been deeming areas ‘the new news’ to turn a profit for years. First Dalston was the New Shoreditch, then Peckham was the new Dalston. Hackney was the new… um, the new… Um. They invented Victoria park village and Wanstead Village and you get the jist. It is no surprise to anyone that Forest Gate (Forest GREAT, OK!) has been on the up list for a while (The Guardian told us so, it must be true) .

Why is it good for us?

This is good news for East Ham for 2 reasons:-

  1. We are ONLY a 15 minute ride away, so for those in need of a pub with a fussball table, some artisan bread or a micro brewery, you can hop on the bus, or your bike and be there in two shakes of a hipsters beard.
  2. We are AT LEAST a 15 minute ride away, so no matter how hipster Fo’Gate gets, it is a long drunken ramble before they find themselves on the beautiful original features of our East Ham doorstep.

Ok, so enough fun poking at Forest Gate. As our next ward neighbours, we actually love all the exciting things that are happening over there so we thought we would give you a round up of the delights of Forest Great. The place to be in E7 is under a railway arch – you will find most of the little gems we listed below near one, from hether it is Avenue Road, or Winchelsea Rd. Continue Reading