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East Ham Breakfast Club: Spice up your life at Chennai Dosa

Yes yes, we KNOW East Ham has an awesome choice of South Indian eateries. No news there… Wait, what? They serve breakfast??! Um yes, they do and we want to tell you about specifically about Chennai Dosa and their breakfast buffet. Are you sitting comfortably, then we shall begin.

Breakfast: East Ham’s path less catered for.

Breakfast is East Blam’s favourite meal of the day (East Ham Breakfast club, anyone?), but we had rather assumed that it was the path less catered and being spoiled for choice at dinner time has meant that we haven’t really had the time or inclination to explore breakfast options UNTIL NOW… 

So, one chilly morning we trudged hungrily up East Ham High street in search of sustenance and found ourselves in Chennai Dosa eating curry for breakfast.  Continue Reading


An East Ham Social + Saravana Bhavan double whammy

Exploring is more fun with friends (East Ham Social Club? Who the FLOCK are they?!)

This week we were hit with an E6 explorers double whammy – we road tested Saravana Bhavan’s dosa skills with the lovely people from East Ham Social! Great food, great company, great location (because it is east, and east is best, obvs).

East Ham Social is a brand spanking new and sort of exclusive club. We say sort of exclusive because you should really live in East Ham to ‘qualify’, but you don’t have to prove your eastie credentials on the spot by having a hipster beard, demonstrating your love for jellied eels or doing a Dick Van Dyke impression (these are all things stereotypical of east London, in case you thought we had wandered off on on a tangent). Basically it is a group of friendly Far East{Londoners} keen to explore and support their local area by eating and drinking in local establishments. Novel, huh? Continue Reading


High street North is the new Brick Lane!

That’s right, you heard it here first. We are going to go out there and say that High street north might just be the new curry mile…

Our most recent mission as explorers of the far east {london} was to investigate East Ham and E6’s best eating options…. So it’s saturday. It’s lunchtime. WE ARE HUNGRY. We find The Taste of India (340 High Street North, East Ham, E6).

Unassuming from the outside. The clue is in the queue…

It is unassuming, textbook curry house. From the outside, it blends in with the rest of the high street. The only thing giving the game away was how busy it was. Almost every table was full, and within the hour or so that we were eating our perfectly formed and tasty thali, a small queue starting to form out the door. The clue is in the queue, people…

Thali was the order of the day, and plenty of it.

We ordered Punjabi, South Indian and the house special thalis (pictured above) with Masala lemonade to wash it down. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Continue Reading