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Songs and Smiles with the Together Project

A few weeks back, armed with a (grumpy) East Blam baby, we trotted over to Canning Town for a singing and social group called Songs and Smiles. A new initiative from the Together Project, Songs and Smiles does exactly what it says on the tin, but with a community twist.

Held at Summersdale Care Home, Canning Town,  it offers music and fun times for the youngest members of society (so far so normal, for parents and young kiddie-pops), while encouraging activity and interactivity from the eldest members of society (ahhh, there’s the twist), tackling age segregation and loneliness on both ends of the scale.

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An East Ham Social + Saravana Bhavan double whammy

Exploring is more fun with friends (East Ham Social Club? Who the FLOCK are they?!)

This week we were hit with an E6 explorers double whammy – we road tested Saravana Bhavan’s dosa skills with the lovely people from East Ham Social! Great food, great company, great location (because it is east, and east is best, obvs).

East Ham Social is a brand spanking new and sort of exclusive club. We say sort of exclusive because you should really live in East Ham to ‘qualify’, but you don’t have to prove your eastie credentials on the spot by having a hipster beard, demonstrating your love for jellied eels or doing a Dick Van Dyke impression (these are all things stereotypical of east London, in case you thought we had wandered off on on a tangent). Basically it is a group of friendly Far East{Londoners} keen to explore and support their local area by eating and drinking in local establishments. Novel, huh? Continue Reading