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East Ham Breakfast Club: Spice up your life at Chennai Dosa

Yes yes, we KNOW East Ham has an awesome choice of South Indian eateries. No news there… Wait, what? They serve breakfast??! Um yes, they do and we want to tell you about specifically about Chennai Dosa and their breakfast buffet. Are you sitting comfortably, then we shall begin.

Breakfast: East Ham’s path less catered for.

Breakfast is East Blam’s favourite meal of the day (East Ham Breakfast club, anyone?), but we had rather assumed that it was the path less catered and being spoiled for choice at dinner time has meant that we haven’t really had the time or inclination to explore breakfast options UNTIL NOW… 

So, one chilly morning we trudged hungrily up East Ham High street in search of sustenance and found ourselves in Chennai Dosa eating curry for breakfast.  Continue Reading


Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread!

So, East Ham… We’ve got the best curry for miles around, cool art gallery, an independent bookshop, billions of parks and green spaces, and old victorian houses. #winning.

What don’t we got? Bread.

Well, we are about to change all that, with the introduction of Flour and Spoon, and their utterly divine bread; Stone baked, Sourdough, Multi-seed. You want it, they got it, from Marmite cheese scones, to Cream cheese and Rosemary sourdough, right down to your classic white sandwich loaf. Continue Reading


Community and Coffee with Hawkers & Peddlers of Manor Park

Last month we interviewed a couple of Far East{London} entrepreneurs who also happen to be the newest Barristas on the block, Jenny and Danielle of Hawkers & Peddlers.

We had a right nice natter about their glorious coffee cart that is keeping all of you Manor Park-ers bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings, as well as talking coffee (obvs) and community. We also mined them ruthlessly for local tips and did our damnedest to persuade them to bring their special pour-over skills another mile south in to East Ham once in a while (Saturdays, East Ham Market, guys? #JustSaying!!!).

Scroll down for all the juicy details. We hope you enjoy the interview and if you like their coffee don’t forget to like them on Twitter & Instagram (@Hawker&peddler), or even better, pop by and say hello. They can be found at Manor Park Station every day from 7am – 11am. Continue Reading


Probably the best Steakhouse in Barking?

Braving the wilds of Barking, in search of MEAT…

Err, to clarify, we mean the kind that comes from a cow. Steak meat!

Yes, a few weeks back we left the borders of London Town and braved the wilds of Barking with some friends who had spotted a suspiciously good looking steakhouse sticking out like a sore thumb in an unsuspecting street in Essex. It stands out a bit, does Cristina’s  – possibly because it is a Romanian steak joint in Barking. Possibly because there is a life sized cow model stood outside it! Continue Reading


Traditional East End Pie & Mash at Ginnys

Hunting for comfort food on a hangover…

Last Saturday, as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, we went a-hunting for comfort food on the East Edge.

We found it in the form of Pie and Mash from Ginny’s on Barking Road AKA East End Pie & Mash (take a sneaky peek at their instagram feed here to have a nosey around…).

Its traditional, yeah. So traditional that it is owned by Daniella Westbrook, of actual Eastenders fame. We are not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but we got distracted by the pie and forgot to care. Continue Reading


Happiness (in pizza form) is just around the corner…

Hanging out on a corner in Forest Gate has never been so much fun.

So a few weeks back, we finally got around to hitting up Newham’s newest news: The Corner Kitchen.

Run by two local ladies (Beth and Misty, oh you know them? – perhaps you read about them in The Leytonstoner?), it opened its bistro shaped doors in January this year, serving brunch, coffee and cake by day and perfect pizza-y goodness by night. Of course, being a new hipster eatery in the short line of hipster things that have been slowly trickling in to Forest Gate, they immediately got the local anarchists knickers all in a twist for being a giant corporate machine that signified the end of Forest Gate as we knew it. Given that it is run by two local mums who have lived in Fo’Ga for years and are busily being Forest-Great, contributing to local community and art events as well as running mum and baby groups, we might suggest that the anarchists needed to do a bit more research… Anyhoo, we digress.

Continue Reading


An East Ham Social + Saravana Bhavan double whammy

Exploring is more fun with friends (East Ham Social Club? Who the FLOCK are they?!)

This week we were hit with an E6 explorers double whammy – we road tested Saravana Bhavan’s dosa skills with the lovely people from East Ham Social! Great food, great company, great location (because it is east, and east is best, obvs).

East Ham Social is a brand spanking new and sort of exclusive club. We say sort of exclusive because you should really live in East Ham to ‘qualify’, but you don’t have to prove your eastie credentials on the spot by having a hipster beard, demonstrating your love for jellied eels or doing a Dick Van Dyke impression (these are all things stereotypical of east London, in case you thought we had wandered off on on a tangent). Basically it is a group of friendly Far East{Londoners} keen to explore and support their local area by eating and drinking in local establishments. Novel, huh? Continue Reading


Far East{London} antics

Wondering about local pubbage, you booze hounds you? you are not alone…

There is no shortage of pubs in East Ham or Newham. There IS however, a shortage of good beer (you know ale, not lager-lager-lager-mega-mega-white-thing and all that), foodie pubs and family friendly venues.

Newham is rich in public housery, and boasts some of the most beautiful booze buildings in old London town. There are plenty to go around, if you are a Sporty-McSport-Sport, or love your lager. If however you prefer ale (ale-glorious a-a-ale), fancy any kind of independently brewed alcohol, or need a family friendly place to while away your Sunday, you might find yourself rather stuck. So much so that the BLAM inbox is chock full of emails from non footie folks, all wondering about their local beer den might be. Continue Reading


East Blam’s High 5 of 2015!

2015, you are OUTTA HERE! but before you become a distant memory along with pine needles, mince pies and um, FUN (‘No Fun January’ is upon us after all!), a moment of reflection is in order.  It has been a year since we landed on the shores of East Ham and began our exploration of the Far East{Londons} so to celebrate, here is a list of our top 5 most favouritest discoveries

Continue Reading


South Indian om nom noms at Ananthapuram

The new ‘curry mile’ strikes again.

We’ve been at the curry again. Honestly, Whitechapel is seeing some SERIOUS competition.  This time it’s South Indian yumminess hailing from Kerala (ok, ok the type of food is from Kerala. The restaurant is actually on High Street North, in our own sweet East Ham).

Continue Reading