A RUN-derful way to get to know East Ham!

East End Road Runners are a running club that might be right up your street…Ok they probably don’t literally run up your street but they do run up the greenway, and as far afield as Regents Canal or Victoria Park too sometime.

We appreciate that running is not everyone’s bag but if you looked outside this morning and thought: a) I need to get fit; b) I need to get outside; c) I need to top up my tan (shallow, we know but com’on, we are NOT the only ones who think about it, right?) then we might just have a solution…

Wiley Coyote and Cake-a-holics (whaaaat??)

Enter EERR. No, not eeeeeerrrrrr, silly. The East End Road Runners, a cake-a-holic running club whose name is more likely to conjure up a 1980’s vision of Wile E. Coyote charging about after Roadrunner than a ‘Just Do It’-esque super serious, no real people allowed kind of training session.

You might even have seen one or two of them knocking about (um, running about?) in their purple shirts, getting their F-I-T-N-E-S-S on? Its quite likely – they have 104 members. They don’t all run at the same time, don’t panic – its not like a herd of purple people (eaters?) charge about the place every other day over here!


Super friendly, and suitable for all levels

East End Road Runners pride themselves on being the friendliest club around and have a ‘leave no man’ policy meaning that they support all ages and abilities from total newbies who have just discovered Couch to 5k, improvers who need to concentrate on technique right up to pros who need the drive and focus of a team behind them. But wait for it, that’s not all. They have a moto: Run. Eat cake. Sleep. Repeat. For REEEAAAL! We love these guys.

From mighty marathons to greenways and canals

For competitive running peeps, its good to know that EERR secure places in the Virgin Marathon, Brighton Marathon and the Great Team Olympic relay, amongst others and start training at the end of December (just in time for your new year resolutions) for the spring marathons. They also hold an interclub series called an ELVIS (more info here if you need it).

The club holds a track session on Tuesdays at 7pm but the ‘7@7’ (that’s 7 miles from 7pm!) on a Thursday or the Saturday social run might take you through East Ham, Beckton, Plaistow, Stratford or any number of Far East{London} locations along the greenway and canals, local parks or even down to the docks.


A great way to get to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood

Road running is a great way to get to know East London, and if you are new to the area it is also a great way to get to know your neighbours (these Road runners have a high contingency in East Ham) so whether it be for fitness, or fun we highly recommend you take to the streets. If you join for the whole year, they even throw in a free t-shirt!

East End Road Runners Logo East Ham Newham

The deets:

What: An East London running club based in and around Newham

Where: The club trains on a Tuesday at 7pm at Newham Leisure Centre, on Prince Regent Lane, Plaistow, with a fartlek session on track and a Thursday at 7pm for a 7 mile run, both led by a qualified leader. 

£££: The track session is £4 for non-members and £3 for members. To join the club is £21 for the year.

Linky: @eerrclub on Facebook & twitter, and their website is

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