Happiness (in pizza form) is just around the corner…

Hanging out on a corner in Forest Gate has never been so much fun.

So a few weeks back, we finally got around to hitting up Newham’s newest news: The Corner Kitchen.

Run by two local ladies (Beth and Misty, oh you know them? – perhaps you read about them in The Leytonstoner?), it opened its bistro shaped doors in January this year, serving brunch, coffee and cake by day and perfect pizza-y goodness by night. Of course, being a new hipster eatery in the short line of hipster things that have been slowly trickling in to Forest Gate, they immediately got the local anarchists knickers all in a twist for being a giant corporate machine that signified the end of Forest Gate as we knew it. Given that it is run by two local mums who have lived in Fo’Ga for years and are busily being Forest-Great, contributing to local community and art events as well as running mum and baby groups, we might suggest that the anarchists needed to do a bit more research… Anyhoo, we digress.

Pizza. They serve PIZZA.

They also serve other things but we really only want to talk about their pizza because it was so very delicious. So there. 

We went simple with Salami, Olive and Chilli. We were not disappointed. Yummy, fresh, thin and crispy, with melt in your mouth mozzarella and a saucy little pizza sauce that had just a wee something-something in there that you can’t quite put our finger on. Maybe it’s the secret ingredient… Ohhhh, shall we start a rumour about their secret ingredients (caveat, we don’t actually know if there is a secret ingredient, or whether it is even remotely secret – if we ask they might just tell us, but its more fun this way. Right?)

In our opinion, it is the best Pizza in Newham. Go. Now.

As a side note, we also hit up their Pedron Peppers with Goat Curd. Tangy, salty, cheeky little blackened peppers. Ooooh. Salivating. As. We. Type. But we don’t want to talk about that. Or their cakes (oh, the cakes…). We only really wanted to tell you about the Pizza. 


Aptly on a corner, and right by the station.

The decor is everything you want from an upmarket pizza joint. Casual and calm with lots of sage green and rustic wooden dressers, and a little bit of la-di-dah subtly knocking about in the form of a well curated wine list and a purist connoisseurs coffee selection. Even the furniture is sort of local – it is made from a tree that had to be removed from Wanstead Flats after being knocked over and the downstairs room is panelled from doors recovered and donated by locals. 

Unsurprisingly, Corner Kitchen is on a corner (the clue is in the name folks) and is right by Forest Gate station so well connected and easy to get to. If you are an East Blammer, it is a short 15 minute cycle and you can cut through the ‘Forest Gate Village’ conservation area if you like, which has some leafy streets and very pretty houses to snoop at on the way.


(Corner?) pillars of the community

The Corner Kitchen seems to us to be fully participating in the Forest Great community spirit by holding daytime activities for parents with kiddie-pops in their downstairs function room called ‘The Playground’ (complete with astro turf).  We also heard that the owners run the ‘Tidy your flats‘ initiative where residents get together to keep Wanstead Flats rubbish free and in tip top condition. Flippin’ LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

The food is sourced locally, seasonally and often within London borders; plus it’s organic.

Seriously guys, when are you coming to East Ham please, thank you?  



They do take away… It’s ok, we squealed too when we found out!


The deets:

What: A bistro deli, serving coffee & cake, brunch, lunch and PIZZA!

Where: 58A Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate E7 0QH

£££: Lunch from £5. Pizza from £7. Coffee from £3.

Linky: Website: On Twitter: @cornerkitchene7. On Instagram: @cornerkitchene7.

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