Everyman, Canary Wharf – a nearby cini-treat.

Indie Cinema at its finest.

Those of you who have not experienced cinema a la Everyman yet, your FOMO is totes justified (translation for anyone who doesn’t speak TOWIE: Dear fellows, if you suffer Fear Of Missing Out, it is not fear, it is totally accurate dear boy). You ARE missing out.

Everyman is a beautiful and boutique cinema experience available in a few spots across London complete with sofas, fancy chocolates, mini pizzas and in seat wine delivery and there is one just 3 miles from East Ham! Who knew??? (um, well we did and probably everyone in Canary Wharf does too so shhhhhh, it’s our little secret!).

So with this knowledge and Google’s blue dot in hand, East Blam went exploring the wilds of Canada Water and Canary Wharf just before Christmas, braving the city boys playground in the name of the Force.

Strong, was it. Yummy Pizza, we had.


Hidden away, but beautiful, boutique and BLING!

The cinema itself is hard to find, hidden in a relatively new plaza in Canary Wharf just been completed as part of the cross rail developments (unpredictably named ‘Crossrail Place‘). It is part of the retail epicentre of the wharf amidst several malls. Despite Googles best efforts, manual directions from actual humans had to be sought several times before we located said cinema. Once in Cross Rail place, you have to delve deep underground by way of escalator before you finally reach the mecca of art deco design that is Everyman, Canary Wharf. It’s worth it though.

Blingged up to the eyeballs, this cinema is full fat indulgence from the moment you walk in. Plush velvet chairs, chandeliers and at the time of writing, a to scale model of an Aston Martin car in the foyer (we presume this is the nod to a certain spy named 007).

The bar is very well equipped so you can choose your tipple along with a plethora of super snackage to help you concentrate on the movie at hand (***rustle rustle rustle munch munch munch***). If your legs have atrophied or your are feeling just plain lazy there is also an option for your drinks, snacks and pizzas to be delivered to your seat (middle class problems much?).

Once inside, you find your way to your own armchair or sofa, with enough leg room to do the can-can (not that you would want to, this is serious Jedi business if you please!) and then sit back and enjoy the ride (um, movie).

Those of you who don’t suffer from London road rage might even consider arriving by car as Canary Wharf is one of the few places with some multi story parking (go for the car park by Waitrose as it is the closest to the cinema) but you will pay london prices for the pleasure.



East BLAM say: Top Marks, but it’s not cheap.

All in all, we give Everyman at Canary Wharf top marks. Seats are comfy, screens are big, snacks are good and you can take your wine into the screen with you.  You get maximum film, minimum distractions (apart from your own munch-munch-munching) and your bum isn’t numb by the time you come out. What more could you want in a cinema? It’s not cheap, but as a treat every once in a while it definitely deserves a look-see.



The deets:

What: A boutique cinema in Canary Wharf

Where: Crossrail Place, Level -2, London, E14 5AR. By Public Transport, You can take the No. 5 bus to Canning Town, and then jump on the Jubilee line all the way. Its a 25 minute cycle, or a 15 minute drive via the A13.

£££: A whooping £17 per adult and £14.50 per concession.

Linky: http://www.everymancinema.com/venues/canary-wharf/whats-on/


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  • Reply Sean Trent February 13, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks for the write ups. Re parking from their website

    “At weekends guests can enjoy 3 hours free parking in any of Canary Wharf’s public car parks when they spend £10 at Everyman. To get 3 hours free parking, validate your parking ticket in cinema or at point of purchase.”

    • Reply East Blam February 14, 2016 at 10:58 am

      Great to know! Thanks. 🙂

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