West Ham welcomes Spectrum Studios

The far east{london} gets a rehearsal studio

Since moving in to East Ham, we have been keeping a beady eye out for somewhere to make music (erm, noise?) without upsetting the neighbours and had discovered a distinct LACK of rehearsal spaces out here in the far east{london}.

Enter Spectrum Studios to solve all our far eastern muso woes (hurrah!) in the form of a respectable rehearsal space complete with retro furry wall art that doubles as super cool sound proofing.

New to West Ham and refreshingly cool…

Spectrum Studios opened in West Ham in June this year and offers rehearsal space (musical or theatrical) and doubles as an artist space or film location for hire.

Inside is all ‘Underneath the arches’ chic, with white washed walls and concrete floors – a welcome and refreshing change for a rehearsal space (the norm being sweat drenched walls, and eau’de boy’s bedroom pouring out of every mildew covered brick). Spectrum offers a tidy spot to do your thang, with enough funk to bring out the artiste in you.


The technical stuff (if you are still reading)

If you have read this far, you are probably musical (anyone not actually looking for a studio will have snooped at the pics, and then bounced happily back to Google or Facebook) so now to the more technical stuff: Each of the music studios (a choice of ‘Wood’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’) is fitted out with standard, but playable kit (Pearl / Mapex, Yamaha, Marshall, Peavey) in good working order. The main hall is the largest space, so is the place to be for larger rehearsals, photoshoots or arty things if so required. Spectrums website has a handy downloadable PDF for the whole kit and caboodle, so you can make sure you book the right space for your needs.

They offer hourly sessions (friday nights are the only time you have to book for 3 hours or more) for solo players searching for a place to practice, as well as offering discount rates if you want to block book the space for a day or more which is a massive plus and makes Spectrum one of the most flexible studios we have found.

So in short Spectrum Sounds is well kitted, flexible, funky and IN FLIPPIN’ NEWHAM. Top marks! 🙂


The deets:

What: A new, exciting and brand spanking new rehearsal studio space in West Ham.

When: Open every day 10am-11pm.

Where: Arch 9, Cranberry Lane, west Ham, E16 4BJ.   (nearest tube station is Star Lane DLR).

£££: Prices start from £9ph.


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