Saint Agnes of West Ham

A new feature on local talent, starting with psych rock and roll four piece Saint Agnes

This is the first of a new feature we have planned called HOME GROWN TALENT. Here we feature an interview on local East Blammers and Newhamites who are doing cool things about town. Artists; Musicians; Entrepreneurs; Local politicians; anyone we think the people of East Ham need to know about. First up, one of our favourite new bands, SAINT AGNES.


Saint Agnes are a psychedelic/pop/rock n roll band from the Far East{London} fronted by boy-girl multi-instrumentalists Kitty (Lola Colt) and Jon (The Lost Souls Club). Q Magazine recently said

“The raw chemistry proves as potent as ever as they dish out a grinding splurge of defiant rock n’ roll”

I know, right! We love them. We know you are going to love them, so we asked them a few cheeky questions to help you get to know them a bit better…


EB: What were you doing before we rudely interrupted you?

SA: Listening to Radio 4. Drinking Coffee. Watering plants.

EB: We heard a rumour that yoooose guys live on the edge (the EAST edge that is)… Which bit is your hood? (Um, we don’t need your full address and postcode, just an area, unless you want us to come and stand outside your front door like groupies demanding autographs!)

SA: We’re based in West Ham. We’re forever blowing bubbles. Actually Kitty, as a born and bred south-east londoner, is a devout Charlton fan

EB: Tell us a bit about why you like the east side?

SA: The proper east end is free (at the moment) from wankyness. And it has the rudest bus drivers in London, which is always a pleasure.

EB: Top Tip for new East Enders? (Know any good breakfast spots? Best pub? Awesome takeways?)

SA: The Forest Tavern in Forest Gate is a gem. And Tale of India on West India Dock Road is hands down the best Indian takeaway in London.

EB: What’s hot on the decks in the St. Aggie household this morning?

SA: Woman’s Hour, (Radio 4, not the band)

EB: Tell us a bit about the awesomeness that is Saint Agnes… How did it all start?

SA: It started in a really grimy house in Plaistow. We met at a Lola Colt gig and took it back to Kitty’s hideous house where we started recording together. We were both totally skint so we’d entertain ourselves by getting a cheap bottle of wine and playing guitars together and recording bits and pieces. It just kind of grew from that. To be honest that’s still pretty much what we do most of the time. Except we’ve upgraded to a flat with a balcony in West Ham, five minutes down the road from Plaistow.

EB: What does 2015 hold for the band? (Hipster Double cassette release??)

SA: We’re about to head out on ‘The Murder Mystery Tour’ of the UK with Bad for Lazarus and Pink Lizards (there is an East London gig on it of course!) which is sure to be a raucous and perhaps slightly dangerous experience. We also have an EP in the works, but more about that later. Actually we really love tapes but only because our car only has a tape player.

EB: Round cheese or square cheese?

SA: All the cheese. Now.

Saint agnes band image

If you want to see Saint Agnes live, you can catch them at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, Shoreditch (fingers crossed for an East Ham or West ham live date soon!) on Thursday 16th July.

For more information or to buy an album / EP / T-shirt (oh go on, support your own, they are fellow far easties) visit

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