The Who Shop. Yes Really.

Urgent notice: All super fans of THE DOCTOR should immediately process to East BLAM, and no dilly dallying.

Not only is East BLAM (thats East Ham to you and me) the coolest up and coming Eastie suburb, but it has it’s very own dedicated Dr Who shop (since 2009 apaz!).

Dalek shop window

Run by an innovative pair of actor come sci-fi fanatics. The concept began in a warehouse in Wapping in 1984, and has had an East BLAM postcode for some time now.

Seriously, this place is awesome cool. It has a flippin’ life size Dalek, and Tardis inside (sorry, no photo ops allowed though **sad faces all round**) as well as signed memorabilia all over the walls that will make super fans weak at the knees. We didn’t have time to visit the fan museum they have out back, so will have to save that for another rainy day but if the store is anything to go by, then we know what to expect.

If this quirky place isn’t enough to put E6 on the map, then we don’t know what is.

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