New kids on the East ham block

Like many of first time buyers, getting a foot on the property ladder has meant that we must consider moving further afield, unable to afford houses in the middle east{london} boroughs of Hackney or Tower Hamlets where we have been residents for many years.

Driven out of the areas that we know, we have find ourselves on a new adventure in a new area that we know nothing about. Google doesn’t offer much solace – Information about East Ham and E6 is few and far between. East Ham is surrounded by ‘Forest Great’, ‘Awesomestow’, Wanstead village and Mile End Old Town. Lots of Newham areas have upped and come so we were pretty surprised not to find some local peeps waxing lyrical about East Ham and Upton Park…

Enter East BLAM! (yeah, we went there!). Since no one is doing it yet, we will be documenting our exploration of E6 and ‘The Outer East Edge’ here.  We hope you enjoy the read.


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