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Fo’Gate is the new Dalston (!) and only a 15 minute ride away…

We’d love to say ‘you heard it here first. Except you didn’t. Estate agents all over the Far East{london} have been deeming areas ‘the new news’ to turn a profit for years. First Dalston was the New Shoreditch, then Peckham was the new Dalston. Hackney was the new… um, the new… Um. They invented Victoria park village and Wanstead Village and you get the jist. It is no surprise to anyone that Forest Gate (Forest GREAT, OK!) has been on the up list for a while (The Guardian told us so, it must be true) .

Why is it good for us?

This is good news for East Ham for 2 reasons:-

  1. We are ONLY a 15 minute ride away, so for those in need of a pub with a fussball table, some artisan bread or a micro brewery, you can hop on the bus, or your bike and be there in two shakes of a hipsters beard.
  2. We are AT LEAST a 15 minute ride away, so no matter how hipster Fo’Gate gets, it is a long drunken ramble before they find themselves on the beautiful original features of our East Ham doorstep.

Ok, so enough fun poking at Forest Gate. As our next ward neighbours, we actually love all the exciting things that are happening over there so we thought we would give you a round up of the delights of Forest Great. The place to be in E7 is under a railway arch – you will find most of the little gems we listed below near one, from hether it is Avenue Road, or Winchelsea Rd. Continue Reading