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Traditional East End Pie & Mash at Ginnys

Hunting for comfort food on a hangover…

Last Saturday, as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, we went a-hunting for comfort food on the East Edge.

We found it in the form of Pie and Mash from Ginny’s on Barking Road AKA East End Pie & Mash (take a sneaky peek at their instagram feed here to have a nosey around…).

Its traditional, yeah. So traditional that it is owned by Daniella Westbrook, of actual Eastenders fame. We are not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but we got distracted by the pie and forgot to care. Continue Reading


Far East{London} antics

Wondering about local pubbage, you booze hounds you? you are not alone…

There is no shortage of pubs in East Ham or Newham. There IS however, a shortage of good beer (you know ale, not lager-lager-lager-mega-mega-white-thing and all that), foodie pubs and family friendly venues.

Newham is rich in public housery, and boasts some of the most beautiful booze buildings in old London town. There are plenty to go around, if you are a Sporty-McSport-Sport, or love your lager. If however you prefer ale (ale-glorious a-a-ale), fancy any kind of independently brewed alcohol, or need a family friendly place to while away your Sunday, you might find yourself rather stuck. So much so that the BLAM inbox is chock full of emails from non footie folks, all wondering about their local beer den might be. Continue Reading


In Pictures: The Greatfield Spring Market 2016

On 12th March, Spring arrived. No wait, the Spring market arrived! Oh well, same same right?

The quarterly instalment of the Greatfield Community Market kicked off it’s 2016 series a few weeks ago and East Blam was there. Fly on the wall journalism, mate. We clocked all the action (um, from behind our stall, because we were actually selling cool East Blam related stuff as well as being super sleuth journals and pioneers and what not) and we can confirm that a jolly good day was had by all. Continue Reading


Greatfield Community Market dates for 2016

Your favourite market is BACK!

Soooooooo, your favourite (erm, and only) community market is back for 2016! The Greatfield Residents Association peeps will be running their market in quarterly instalments this year and hopefully well on the way to making it a permanent fixture of our East Ham lives.

The Spring edition is on 12th March 2016, and guess what? East Blam will be there selling some more limited edition prints (who saw our New-Ham print last year? They sold out BTW and we was very proud, so we was!) as well as a few cheeky fashion accessories made by our pals at Badger & Black. Be sure to drop in and say hello, eat some stuff, drink some tea and what not. Continue Reading


Everyman, Canary Wharf – a nearby cini-treat.

Indie Cinema at its finest.

Those of you who have not experienced cinema a la Everyman yet, your FOMO is totes justified (translation for anyone who doesn’t speak TOWIE: Dear fellows, if you suffer Fear Of Missing Out, it is not fear, it is totally accurate dear boy). You ARE missing out.

Everyman is a beautiful and boutique cinema experience available in a few spots across London complete with sofas, fancy chocolates, mini pizzas and in seat wine delivery and there is one just 3 miles from East Ham! Who knew??? (um, well we did and probably everyone in Canary Wharf does too so shhhhhh, it’s our little secret!).

So with this knowledge and Google’s blue dot in hand, East Blam went exploring the wilds of Canada Water and Canary Wharf just before Christmas, braving the city boys playground in the name of the Force.

Strong, was it. Yummy Pizza, we had. Continue Reading


East Blam’s High 5 of 2015!

2015, you are OUTTA HERE! but before you become a distant memory along with pine needles, mince pies and um, FUN (‘No Fun January’ is upon us after all!), a moment of reflection is in order.  It has been a year since we landed on the shores of East Ham and began our exploration of the Far East{Londons} so to celebrate, here is a list of our top 5 most favouritest discoveries

Continue Reading


In Pictures: The Greatfield Winter Market

On November 14th, the good people of Greatfield turned out for the second instalment of the Greatfield community and craft market. Oh, and what a day it was!

There were records to rummage through (that was us!), winter gardening goodies, the obligatory rustic christmas tree decorations that no  winter market would be complete without (we bought some, they were soooooo cute!), knitted jelly baby toys (yep, got some of those too!) and many other festive treats. And Mulled Wine.



Noodly goodness: Minh’s Vietnamese, E13

We have found THE MOST delicious vietnamese restaurant this side of Dalston.

No, wait, in EAST LONDON.

It’s called MINH (formally known as Duc’s Kitchen), and is unassumingly blending in and minding its own business on Barking Road, E13.

I know, I know, its fighting talk, especially with Kingsland Road fast becoming the GO TO noodle mile, but honestly, this place is waaaaay better.

Continue Reading


Designer desserts from Urban Chocolatier

Serious sundaes and wicked waffles. Ditch the diet all who enter here.

Urban Chocolatier are East Ham newbies… Opening their doors for the first time this summer as part of the new eastern shopping mall, EAST (Green St), they make some pretty luxurious chocolate treats along with designer coffee concoctions, waffles, sundaes and a range of ice creams that will blow your tastebuds. if not your mind…

Picture of an Ice Cream Sundae from Urban Chocolatier

Continue Reading


Tippy’s Cafe: A Thai cafe you really must try…

A calm and refreshing hideaway on Barking road.

Tippy’s Cafe is an ‘English and Thai Cafe’ hiding quietly at 291 Barking Road in East Ham.  Open since 1991, It is an oasis of bamboo clad calm against the bustle and horn blaring of Barking Road offering a delicious variety of Thai dishes to make your mouth water. Continue Reading