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DIY, local Markets and the best Turkish in Upton Park with K:SS Creations

As part of our exploration of East Edge talent, we met the lovely Sam Scarpa – a local creative who has just set up a furniture and jewellery workshop in her back garden in Upton Park. It was a drizzly Tuesday in October, and we drank Applecart Cafe’s finest coffee and chewed the East Ham fat (no not literal fat! it’s an expression guys, jeeeez). Scroll down for a blow by blow account of our catch up, as we talk DIY, local markets, and the best turkish restaurant on the Barking Road…

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Introducing Plaistow Village

Introducing PLAISTOW VILLAGE… Yes, Really.

Last week, we found an Instagram account called @PlaistowVillage and it took us rather by surprise (if it’s your instagram account, give us a shout and let us know if we missed anything). Shocked at having left the Plaistow stones uncovered for so long, we popped on our explorer boots and brushed up on what’s what in E13….

Turns out poor ole Plaistow often gets overshadowed by its shinier bouncier siblings. East Ham, West Ham and Stratford have all been known to take the credit for a Plaistow-ian gem  or two, so we’re here to set the record straight.  Scroll down to discover our best picks for Plaistow.

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Whenlock the Butcher, Plaistow

Vegetarians, I am afraid that this article is not for you – we are about to do quite a lot of talking about meat. We’ll make it up to you by directing you to an awesome vegetarian restaurant here.

So, what were we saying, ah yes that’s right. Meat. Locally chopped, free range, good quality meat from a very friendly butcher and just in time for you to get your order in for your festive feastings (if you are quick).

T&J Whenlock: A butchers like your mum used to make!

We are feeling smug today, thanks to a neighbourly hot tip that the best butcher in town, who goes by the name  T&J Whenlock, could be found on the Barking Road (no. 380 to be precise) just 15 minutes from our house!

Open since 1882, it’s been on that spot longer than many of us have lived in East Ham! It has survived two world wars, at least two recessions, women getting the vote and 2016 so far (the year of doom. We might even go so far as to say year-a-geddeon) while seemingly holding on on to great quality and friendliness to boot.  It is run by a husband and wife team (no, silly, they haven’t been there since 1882! ) who also happen to live in East Ham (Hi neighbours!) so is exactly the reason that we all need to #shoplocal more often.  Continue Reading


Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread!

So, East Ham… We’ve got the best curry for miles around, cool art gallery, an independent bookshop, billions of parks and green spaces, and old victorian houses. #winning.

What don’t we got? Bread.

Well, we are about to change all that, with the introduction of Flour and Spoon, and their utterly divine bread; Stone baked, Sourdough, Multi-seed. You want it, they got it, from Marmite cheese scones, to Cream cheese and Rosemary sourdough, right down to your classic white sandwich loaf. Continue Reading


In Pictures: The Greatfield Spring Market 2016

On 12th March, Spring arrived. No wait, the Spring market arrived! Oh well, same same right?

The quarterly instalment of the Greatfield Community Market kicked off it’s 2016 series a few weeks ago and East Blam was there. Fly on the wall journalism, mate. We clocked all the action (um, from behind our stall, because we were actually selling cool East Blam related stuff as well as being super sleuth journals and pioneers and what not) and we can confirm that a jolly good day was had by all. Continue Reading


Greatfield Community Market dates for 2016

Your favourite market is BACK!

Soooooooo, your favourite (erm, and only) community market is back for 2016! The Greatfield Residents Association peeps will be running their market in quarterly instalments this year and hopefully well on the way to making it a permanent fixture of our East Ham lives.

The Spring edition is on 12th March 2016, and guess what? East Blam will be there selling some more limited edition prints (who saw our New-Ham print last year? They sold out BTW and we was very proud, so we was!) as well as a few cheeky fashion accessories made by our pals at Badger & Black. Be sure to drop in and say hello, eat some stuff, drink some tea and what not. Continue Reading


Fo’Gate is the new Dalston (!) and only a 15 minute ride away…

We’d love to say ‘you heard it here first. Except you didn’t. Estate agents all over the Far East{london} have been deeming areas ‘the new news’ to turn a profit for years. First Dalston was the New Shoreditch, then Peckham was the new Dalston. Hackney was the new… um, the new… Um. They invented Victoria park village and Wanstead Village and you get the jist. It is no surprise to anyone that Forest Gate (Forest GREAT, OK!) has been on the up list for a while (The Guardian told us so, it must be true) .

Why is it good for us?

This is good news for East Ham for 2 reasons:-

  1. We are ONLY a 15 minute ride away, so for those in need of a pub with a fussball table, some artisan bread or a micro brewery, you can hop on the bus, or your bike and be there in two shakes of a hipsters beard.
  2. We are AT LEAST a 15 minute ride away, so no matter how hipster Fo’Gate gets, it is a long drunken ramble before they find themselves on the beautiful original features of our East Ham doorstep.

Ok, so enough fun poking at Forest Gate. As our next ward neighbours, we actually love all the exciting things that are happening over there so we thought we would give you a round up of the delights of Forest Great. The place to be in E7 is under a railway arch – you will find most of the little gems we listed below near one, from hether it is Avenue Road, or Winchelsea Rd. Continue Reading


In Pictures: The Greatfield Winter Market

On November 14th, the good people of Greatfield turned out for the second instalment of the Greatfield community and craft market. Oh, and what a day it was!

There were records to rummage through (that was us!), winter gardening goodies, the obligatory rustic christmas tree decorations that no  winter market would be complete without (we bought some, they were soooooo cute!), knitted jelly baby toys (yep, got some of those too!) and many other festive treats. And Mulled Wine.



East Ham Market Hall: the foodie’s best kept secret…

A traditional market with a focus on food.

East Ham’s market hall is a traditional market affair, just off high Street North, E6 where cheapie stalls, fruit and veg and odds and sods sit side by side with oriental food stuffs, caribbean ingredients, and haberdasheries to boot. A far cry from the inflated trendy markets you might find in the middle east of london, East Ham Market hall still has a certain charm.

Honest and practical, this place has been open since the 20’s and must be a best kept secret amongst local foodies – we found some fresh and funky looking veg stalls (as you might expect) plus a huddle of specialist food stalls, including a fantastic and brightly decorated Asian & oriental food stall (tamarind sauce and my fave brand of chilli sauce – GET IN MY BASKET!) and a full to the brim Caribbean mini-mart with yams and hot pepper sauces a plenty.

Quick Samosa stop (om nom nom!)

We stopped mid way for a samosa from Coffera which was DELICIOUS and came with its own pot of chilli dipping sauce. Coffera is a perfect place to rest up once you have grabbed all the ingredients that you can’t buy from Tesco or Sainsbo’s…. They do the usual local cafe faves, but also some traditional indian snack dishes, which we would highly recommend.


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