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St Mary’s Church and Nature Reserve – A spooky but beautiful spot to explore for Halloween

Fancy changing up your Sunday stroll? We’ve got the perfect spot for you… Beautiful? Check. Tree lined? Check. Peaceful? Check. In East Ham? Check. Slightly spooky, what with it being Halloween and all…? CHECK! 

St. Mary Magdalene’s church and Nature Reserve sits quietly at the foot of East Ham, minding its own business and not making a fuss. You would be forgiven for walking past it and not even noticing it, given that it is set back from the road underneath the A13, but boy, are you missing out because this place is massive, and massively under rated.

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A day trip to the seaside to say farewell to the Summer.

Did you know that the seaside is less than an hour away from East Ham? Well now you do, and last weekend East Blam rolled up our jeans (that’s what you do at the seaside, silly) dug out our jelly shoes and went daytrippin’ Southend on Sea style, to take in the sea air. We tested the sea (we actually swam in it!), the sun (it was still out!), the pier, the 2p machines and the fish & chips. Fun-fun-fun in the sun-sun-sun (ok, ok, it was a bit bracing in the wind, but the pictures look nice!). Continue Reading


A RUN-derful way to get to know East Ham!

East End Road Runners are a running club that might be right up your street…Ok they probably don’t literally run up your street but they do run up the greenway, and as far afield as Regents Canal or Victoria Park too sometime.

We appreciate that running is not everyone’s bag but if you looked outside this morning and thought: a) I need to get fit; b) I need to get outside; c) I need to top up my tan (shallow, we know but com’on, we are NOT the only ones who think about it, right?) then we might just have a solution… Continue Reading


Central Park, East Ham: An ode to Summer…

Summer. Until next time.

It is a cold and drizzly morning in East Ham and today we are missing the buzz of summer. So we thought it was time to upload this little wee video we took of Central Park way back when the sun was high in the sky to help remind you all that it comes back, every year. No matter how dark December gets, April never far behind it AND we have an AWESOME park space to help us make the most of it.  Continue Reading


International Yoga Day with Parklives

A sunny Yoga-Sunday in Central Park

For those of you who don’t know, Sunday was International Day of Yoga  so the good people of ParkLives and ActiveNewham were holding a bit of a do…

They held several free glorious and sunny Yoga sessions from Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Relaxation Yoga and also (ahem) Broga®. Yes that’s right. Yoga, for Bros run by former American football star and super-heavyweight bodybuilding champion, Matt Miller. Eeer, we watched from the sidelines for that session, btw. Anyone saying Yoga is easy, I dare you to do it with Matt Miller! Phew, we were exhausted just watching it! Continue Reading


Brampton Park: Small but mighty…

Brampton park is a lovely wee park in East Ham south that backs on to Brampton Primary school (you know, the one with the awesome ofsted reports? Yeah, that one)…

Open since 1915, this park is seriously cool if you are a tiny person or a parent looking for play places: it has swings, adventure playground, and in the summer it only has a flippin’ paddling pool as well! It wasn’t filled when we went, but as soon as they  turn the taps on we will let you know…

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The Bike-tastic and car free GREENWAY

East BLAM to Strat{west}field in 25 mins. Traffic free? Don’t mind if I do… A quick post for the cycling enthusiasts.

Before taking up residency in East BLAM, I cycled to work every day so have been keen to investigate the cycle paths of Newham.

I heard a rumour about a mythical pathway called ‘The Greenway’ that takes you from East BLAM all the way to Stratford (AKA Strat-field) and beyond. It runs on an old sewer line, and past the Lea sewage works WITHOUT ANY CARS!

I wondered and speculated wildly: Where does it start? where does it stop?  Is it lit? Is it a smooth ride?  Is it safe for women to cycle at night? Is it stinky (it is on a sewer works, silly!)?

Try as I might, Google did not yield any helpful results. The only option was to go old skool, and actually see it for myself.

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