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Easterndrifts top 5 photo worthy spots in Newham

OMG, This is our first GUEST POST! (Excitedly hops up and down!).

East Blam would like to welcome the most fabulous Dan Stevens:- Fellow blogger (, Far East{London} explorer, photographer and general knower of interesting historical things and he is going to tell you lovely folks a thing or two about the best spots in Newham to grab an instagram classic. If you are a proper photographer, by all means get your aperture and white balance on too and if you snap a timeless classic, tag us in on Facebook or Instagram for a cheeky share or two #eastham #lovenewham #gothashtagsonmyhashtags. Scroll on MacDuff, as we let Dan take it from here. Continue Reading


Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread!

So, East Ham… We’ve got the best curry for miles around, cool art gallery, an independent bookshop, billions of parks and green spaces, and old victorian houses. #winning.

What don’t we got? Bread.

Well, we are about to change all that, with the introduction of Flour and Spoon, and their utterly divine bread; Stone baked, Sourdough, Multi-seed. You want it, they got it, from Marmite cheese scones, to Cream cheese and Rosemary sourdough, right down to your classic white sandwich loaf. Continue Reading


A day trip to the seaside to say farewell to the Summer.

Did you know that the seaside is less than an hour away from East Ham? Well now you do, and last weekend East Blam rolled up our jeans (that’s what you do at the seaside, silly) dug out our jelly shoes and went daytrippin’ Southend on Sea style, to take in the sea air. We tested the sea (we actually swam in it!), the sun (it was still out!), the pier, the 2p machines and the fish & chips. Fun-fun-fun in the sun-sun-sun (ok, ok, it was a bit bracing in the wind, but the pictures look nice!). Continue Reading


Community and Coffee with Hawkers & Peddlers of Manor Park

Last month we interviewed a couple of Far East{London} entrepreneurs who also happen to be the newest Barristas on the block, Jenny and Danielle of Hawkers & Peddlers.

We had a right nice natter about their glorious coffee cart that is keeping all of you Manor Park-ers bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings, as well as talking coffee (obvs) and community. We also mined them ruthlessly for local tips and did our damnedest to persuade them to bring their special pour-over skills another mile south in to East Ham once in a while (Saturdays, East Ham Market, guys? #JustSaying!!!).

Scroll down for all the juicy details. We hope you enjoy the interview and if you like their coffee don’t forget to like them on Twitter & Instagram (@Hawker&peddler), or even better, pop by and say hello. They can be found at Manor Park Station every day from 7am – 11am. Continue Reading


Probably the best Steakhouse in Barking?

Braving the wilds of Barking, in search of MEAT…

Err, to clarify, we mean the kind that comes from a cow. Steak meat!

Yes, a few weeks back we left the borders of London Town and braved the wilds of Barking with some friends who had spotted a suspiciously good looking steakhouse sticking out like a sore thumb in an unsuspecting street in Essex. It stands out a bit, does Cristina’s  – possibly because it is a Romanian steak joint in Barking. Possibly because there is a life sized cow model stood outside it! Continue Reading


Fo’Gate is the new Dalston (!) and only a 15 minute ride away…

We’d love to say ‘you heard it here first. Except you didn’t. Estate agents all over the Far East{london} have been deeming areas ‘the new news’ to turn a profit for years. First Dalston was the New Shoreditch, then Peckham was the new Dalston. Hackney was the new… um, the new… Um. They invented Victoria park village and Wanstead Village and you get the jist. It is no surprise to anyone that Forest Gate (Forest GREAT, OK!) has been on the up list for a while (The Guardian told us so, it must be true) .

Why is it good for us?

This is good news for East Ham for 2 reasons:-

  1. We are ONLY a 15 minute ride away, so for those in need of a pub with a fussball table, some artisan bread or a micro brewery, you can hop on the bus, or your bike and be there in two shakes of a hipsters beard.
  2. We are AT LEAST a 15 minute ride away, so no matter how hipster Fo’Gate gets, it is a long drunken ramble before they find themselves on the beautiful original features of our East Ham doorstep.

Ok, so enough fun poking at Forest Gate. As our next ward neighbours, we actually love all the exciting things that are happening over there so we thought we would give you a round up of the delights of Forest Great. The place to be in E7 is under a railway arch – you will find most of the little gems we listed below near one, from hether it is Avenue Road, or Winchelsea Rd. Continue Reading


Everyman, Canary Wharf – a nearby cini-treat.

Indie Cinema at its finest.

Those of you who have not experienced cinema a la Everyman yet, your FOMO is totes justified (translation for anyone who doesn’t speak TOWIE: Dear fellows, if you suffer Fear Of Missing Out, it is not fear, it is totally accurate dear boy). You ARE missing out.

Everyman is a beautiful and boutique cinema experience available in a few spots across London complete with sofas, fancy chocolates, mini pizzas and in seat wine delivery and there is one just 3 miles from East Ham! Who knew??? (um, well we did and probably everyone in Canary Wharf does too so shhhhhh, it’s our little secret!).

So with this knowledge and Google’s blue dot in hand, East Blam went exploring the wilds of Canada Water and Canary Wharf just before Christmas, braving the city boys playground in the name of the Force.

Strong, was it. Yummy Pizza, we had. Continue Reading