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East Blam would like to welcome the most fabulous Dan Stevens:- Fellow blogger (easterndrifts.com), Far East{London} explorer, photographer and general knower of interesting historical things and he is going to tell you lovely folks a thing or two about the best spots in Newham to grab an instagram classic. If you are a proper photographer, by all means get your aperture and white balance on too and if you snap a timeless classic, tag us in on Facebook or Instagram for a cheeky share or two #eastham #lovenewham #gothashtagsonmyhashtags. Scroll on MacDuff, as we let Dan take it from here.


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Hello all, Dan, of Easterndrifts here… For those of you who haven’t yet read the blog, I love finding the hidden gems of my corner of London. I avoid the East London already written about a million times, instead shining a light on our less celebrated areas. So in no particular order, here are some of my favourite photography spots. 


Cody Dock

Cody dock, the former industrial land in Canning Town is now occupied by artists and artisans so you can get a coffee and have a serene outlook over the River Lea and two top-class artworks:- a giant DNA strand of Shopping Trolleys, and a genuine Damien Hirst piece! No, I’m not sure about it either, but you can’t deny that it sure makes for an interesting photo. The strange domes and lovely rusty old boats make Cody Dock a great photo-worthy spot.

Victoria Dock

Stunningly photo-worthy and with a glorious past, Victoria Docks now a lovely leisure area to hang out at for a couple of hours. From the beautiful industrial-age relic of Spillers’ Millenium Mills to loads of public art. The view from the footbridge over the dock offers vast expanses of water, cable cars, the O2, Skyscrapers, planes descending just above your head, maybe a regatta or sailboarding – what more could you ask for from a photo opp!? Grab a coffee, explore, and snap away in really peaceful surroundings (well, except for the planes).

West Ham Memorial Park

There a plenty of photogenic spots here… Now the West Ham Memorial park, it used to be home to the Thames Ironworks FC before they went on to become WHUFC. Today, it’s home to East London Rugby Club, so is still a hive of sports action. You’ll also find an interactive public sculpture in memory of Thames Ironworks and the HMS Albion disaster made from big iron hammers, a huge community mural celebrating all the parks and leisure spaces that us Newhamites are so lucky to have on our doorstep, and just outside the exit on the Greenway, our own Grafitti Bridge. Plus great views of Canary Wharf from the hill in the park, and sports action. Excellent for some top-notch Newham photo opps!

North Woolwich

A different kind of photogenic, North Woolwich has suffered since the closure of most of the industry that used to be around these parts but this does mean that it is an open gallery of photo worthy dereliction and decay. From the old pier which served Victorian fun-seekers with trips on steamboats back in the day (people used to come here for mini-breaks!) to the derelict train station, and another of London’s lost pubs – The Royal Oak pub. It only takes 10 minutes to walk around.

Don’t forget to check out the derelict public convenience, overcome by nature – it takes a great picture. My tip: look up at the roof skylights – it’s a greenhouse of weeds!

Boleyn Corner

I reckon you all know quite a bit about this one, but with so much quirky pic-worthy stuff, from the sad last stand of the West Ham FC stadium, to the broken bull of Barking Road and the alternate time/space that is the Who Shop, Boleyn Corner in East Ham is definitely a photo opp spot.  You will also find the Evans Corner ghost sign (does anyone ever call it Evans Corner? I wonder who Evans was…), the glorious gin palace architecture of the Boleyn Tavern, and of course the World Cup statue (I just had to include it!).

The Deets

About Dan: Dan Stevens explores and snaps his way around the east London that gets ignored, then blogs about his wanderings, interesting happenings, and hidden histories in Newham and beyond. He loves Plaistow and ghost signs, amongst other things and also believes Barking Road to be the greatest thoroughfare in London (probably for the wrong reasons).

About Eastern Drifts: Eastern drifts is a blog that reflects the ‘drift’ of London humans moving further east, the drift of the Thames, and the idea of the ‘drift’ in wandering-about terms. It shines a light on the paths less photographed, and is generally the kind of thing that a Far East{London} explorer ought to know about. It is an utterly fascinating read.

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