A full English at the Parkside Cafe, East Ham

Ok, so back to breakfasts, after a short hiatus! The full english breakfast, to be precise. With a proper Brew.

In the words of Andy Williams ‘It’s the holiday season so Whoop-de-doo’ and even if Christmas isn’t your bag (whew, it’s over now so you can reee-laaa-xxxx) tis still the season to get merry and new years eve festivities are looming on the horizon. But when all is said and done, resolutions are set and the night before is over, what are you left with in the cold stark light of New Years Day? Most likely, a hangover. So you will need the ultimate hangover cure – a classic Full English breakfast served up with a full fat builders tea.

Aaaaaand, we happen to know a very good spot for this kind of thing. Taa-daaa: Parkside Cafe, on High Street South.

You’re welcome.

Random and lovable decor complete with cheerful foliage

Parkside Cafe is **spoiler alert** just outside Central Park in East Ham (the clue is in the name, guys – Parkside…) and is a solid place to happily while away a morning. Outside is lovingly (if a little curiously covered) in decking and they have cushioned wicker chairs in case you want to watch the world go by, sipping your coffee alfresco (um those of you who are local will know it is a pretty busy road with lots of colourful characters so what it loses on ‘relaxation’ you gain on the people watching for sure).

Inside, the decor is more than a little random and is what makes the cafe lovable. Half is nostalgically painted in West Ham FC colours and the other is plastered in a quirky London-Street-Names wall paper. The fixed plastic tables and chairs are the usual cafe fair, but someone with a green thumb loves Parkside – the window sills and corners are lined with cheerful Cacti, and other miscellaneous bits of foliage.


Choose eggs and a proper tea to cure your hangover…

We urge you to order breakfast (although, in the interest of transparency, we must also confess to having sampled and enjoyed their traditional pub style lasagne with chips, and a jacket potato or two as well).

Egg and Chips. Ham Egg and Chips. Corned Beef, Egg and Chips or if you are brave enough, the Mega Set no. 9 (Thats a full english with all the trimmings). Its good. It’s Hot. It’s the right level of greasy (it is a greasy spoon after all) and it is the traditional (right) way to cure your hangover. No coconut water in here please.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to get yourself down here pronto, then try this. Tea is 80p, the proper colour and is served in a big fat mug. A real East End brew.


See you there on New Years Day…

Cheap and cheerful, Parkside is a good old fashioned cafe where you can get a proper good tea, and your fried eggs as you like ’em. We stand firmly behind the Great British fry up as the way to get you through the morning after, so we suggest you get yourself there on January 1st 2017 and start the year by supporting local businesses! See you there!

The deets:

What: A classic east end cafe, near Central Park.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 6am – 4pm / Sat & Sun: 7am – 4pm

Where: Parkside Cafe, 127 High St S, London E6 3PA

£££: Mega Set no. 9 is £6.69. Double Egg and Chips is £2.99, Tea is 0.80p

Linky: No website, but they do have a facebook page

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  • Reply Ted Blair January 10, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Not been here for several years – will have to try it again as some of my alternatives have gone and Ken’s on Green Street never seems to be open (despite the sign always being lit up).

    Sadly few of the new breed of cafe (Parkside Social, Corner Kitchen) do what I would consider a decent FEB.

  • Reply D&D Patisserie - East Ham's newest coffee shop on the block January 20, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    […] pure coffee and cake (ok yes, they do serve tea if you are feeling all British about it, but Parkside next door is really the place for builders tea […]

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