East Ham Breakfast Club: Spice up your life at Chennai Dosa

Yes yes, we KNOW East Ham has an awesome choice of South Indian eateries. No news there… Wait, what? They serve breakfast??! Um yes, they do and we want to tell you about specifically about Chennai Dosa and their breakfast buffet. Are you sitting comfortably, then we shall begin.

Breakfast: East Ham’s path less catered for.

Breakfast is East Blam’s favourite meal of the day (East Ham Breakfast club, anyone?), but we had rather assumed that it was the path less catered and being spoiled for choice at dinner time has meant that we haven’t really had the time or inclination to explore breakfast options UNTIL NOW… 

So, one chilly morning we trudged hungrily up East Ham High street in search of sustenance and found ourselves in Chennai Dosa eating curry for breakfast. 

This casual dosa joint is the answer.

Chennai dosa is a South Indian dosa and buffet joint, and you will be forgiven for judging it. From the outside it looks unassuming and unglamorous. Ok you got us, it IS unassuming and unglamorous. Somewhere between fast food and a sit down affair, its dining style is casual to say the least. Regardless of appearance, we stand proudly by the egg dosa and chai tea combo and encourage you to do the same. From the outside it is just another standard shop front, but inside it is clean, tidy and efficient. Breakfast here is yummy and is cheap cheap cheap! #Winning


Nice and Spicy with a sweet sweet chai tea.

It is not for the faint hearted however. The food is spicy, served (or self served depending on whether you choose the buffet or not) on metal trays, and if you are not familiar with South Indian breakfast food stuffs, then there is an element of adventure in choosing what you put on your plate! The menu offers Idly (a heavy savoury lentil pancake), Pongal (sticky spiced rice porridge), Vada, (Indian dumplings) Uppuma (a spiced grain made from either semolina or rice flour), Poori (Indian puffa bread – oh how we love these little pockets of airy joy!) and Potato masala all served up with with Chutneys and Sambar (lentil stew) as part of the buffet. They are not labeled on the counter so just try a bit of everything – we promise you will love it.

You can order a Massala Dosa or an Egg Dosa on the side and if you are feeling hungry (we did, and we would highly recommend them). They are yum-tastic but be warned… They are BIG. You won’t need the buffet and a dosa unless you have a very lazy Saturday ahead of you, and time for a nap! 

Then wash it all down with a gloriously sweet sweet Chai tea (also served in a metal cup) and you are all set up for the day.


Our conclusion: Tasty Tasty South Indian comfort food

This is South Indian comfort food – Good, and honest – the equivalent of the full English and Chennai Dosa does the trick. The tea is an absolute hero, the food is tasty and the price is right. Well worth a visit, especially when you are trying to save your pennies ready for the festive season.

What a way to start your day. Tried it? Tell us what you thought… And maybe start an East Ham breakfast club, while you are at it!

The deets:

What: A South Indian buffet an dosa joint / restaurant chain. Breakfast is served 9am – 12noon

Where: Chennai Dosa, 177 High Street North, East Ham, London E6 1JB

£££: The breakfast buffet is under £5.49, and an egg Dosa is £3.75

Linky: check out for more info and to view the menu.

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