Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread!

So, East Ham… We’ve got the best curry for miles around, cool art gallery, an independent bookshop, billions of parks and green spaces, and old victorian houses. #winning.

What don’t we got? Bread.

Well, we are about to change all that, with the introduction of Flour and Spoon, and their utterly divine bread; Stone baked, Sourdough, Multi-seed. You want it, they got it, from Marmite cheese scones, to Cream cheese and Rosemary sourdough, right down to your classic white sandwich loaf.

Prices are reasonable too, with loaves starting from £1.30 for a sandwich loaf. You can’t argue with that, considering that all ingredients are 100% organic, it is all handmade in Roman’s kitchen in Aveley, Essex (just a hop skip and a jump from East Ham), and delivery is FREE. Even Tesco fancy bakery bread is £1.50! 

We were so excited by this news, that we immediately placed an order to test the quality of the product. So imagine our delight when it was hand delivered to us by the Head baker and Founder himself, Roman Jarvis Jedlovec.

We actually couldn’t believe how bloomin’ lovely the bread was, or how lovely Roman was (and mightily passionate about bread making – trust us, this bread is MADE WITH LOVE!).

So here’s the interview to prove it…


EB: So Roman, we hear you are a bad ass baker? Tell us something we don’t know about bread? 

F&S: Making bread is not just about blending together flour, water and salt, and letting it ferment a little before baking it. It should go through this transformation process so the textures and flavours are fully developed and you end up with a crusty loaf full of nutty flavour. To achieve this, you need to pay attention to a few very important factors: First – check the temperature in your baking environment; Second – Understand the different aromas at certain stages. Your leaven should smell nicely sweet like ripe fruit, not too vinegary;  Third – Be patient. Lots of stretching and folding needs to be done in first 3 hours to ensure that the dough is elastic enough. Last, bake it on stone until beautiful nutty crust is created ….. We drive for deep, developed flavours and textures.

EB: Flour and Spoon is your business baby? Tell us about it. How did you get started? Where do you bake? Where can we find your wonderful sourdough-y-ness on sale? 

F&S: My first artisan bread was born about 3 years ago in the small kitchen of my flat in the Royal Docks. This was the first place where I read, learned, practiced and finally baked my first ever artisan breads. I was working full time for Jumeirah Hotels, working day shifts and baking during the night. At that time I baked about 10 loaves per week.

2015 was interesting year for me; I started to work at Brown`s Hotel in Mayfair;  I moved from my flat in East London to Aveley, a small village in Essex where in the extension of my house, I created the small bakery where I now bake around 350 loaves per week! I am lucky and grateful to supply some of the best London hotels and cafes with real artisan breads. I love playing with different flavours.

In April I opened my first pop up bakery at Old Street station (thanks to TFL) and in May I was very pleased to have a stand at the BBC Good Food Show; Summer in the City. I loved the personal interaction with all visitors of the show and was very pleased with the level of interest. I was surprised how many people appreciate good quality home made food. My flours are sourced locally from Marriages Mills and all fruit and herbs used in my baking are from my allotment, so everything is organic.

And since June, you can find Flour and Spoon at Leyton Farmers Market – but if you want to visit us, come early because when they are gone they are gone!

EB: Your baking HQ is just 10 measly miles from East Ham which is our hood. Have you been to East Ham or other parts of  what we lovingly refer to as Far East {London}? Did you like it? What did you do there? Any chance at all (please?) that you might be selling your beautiful breads somewhere with an E6 postcode any time soon?? 

F&S: Every Saturday  you will find us at Leyton Farmers Market which is not far from East Ham and at this moment I am looking to expand into more markets. By the end of this year I would love to open Artisan Bakery and Café but I am still searching for the best location within East London area.

Editors note – East Hammers, please all email Roman and tell him that East Ham is absolutely the right place for his Bakery. PLEASE.

EB: So you must really love Bread, huh? Tell us why you made it your calling in life to fill us with yummy nummy artisan carbs?

F&S: I do love making bread, that’s the fact.  Each of my loaf is shaped by hand, using the best, high quality organic flour, sea salt and water, then plenty of time and lots of love – that’s all what you need to create a beautiful artisan bread. Without any nasty stuff as you will find in every supermarket bread!

EB: So how does it work? Can we order on the website? How long does it take and how much is delivery? 

F&S: Its simple and easy …. visit our website, choose your bread, add it to the basket, pay via PayPal or credit card and then just wait until I knock on your door with freshly baked loaf. Delivery is FREE within London area, there is no minimum order and you receive your bread the following day (for any sourdough bread I require 24h notice).

EB: Brown bread or white bread? oooh, I bet thats a tough one! 😉 

F&S: Sourdough! Because my sourdough is made with organic stone grounded white flour AND touch of wholemeal flour to achieve its unique texture and taste!


EastBlam tried the Champagne and Strawberry SourDough loaf (ooo errr fancy pants!) and the Bacon Sourdough Loaf. Both were DELICIOUS and made us do a happy food dance, but we would like to state for the record that the Bacon Sourdough was the winner, especially when topped with Avocado, chilli sauce and sesame seeds (watch out, we’ll be a food blog next!)

Flour and Spoon offer a range of exciting flavours including Cream Cheese & Rosemary Sourdough, Full English Breakfast Sourdough, Bamboo Charcoal Sourdough, Cheese and Marmite Scones, Sweet Potato Brioche buns and Roman has kindly offered East Blammers 25% off their orders. All you have to do is enter the code SUMMER when you purchase.

So what are you waiting for – get your orders in…. 

(EastBlam apologises to anyone who read this who is gluten free)

The deets:

What: A sort of local (well, Essex) artisan bakery that delivers it’s yummy treats to your door!

Where: Leyton Farmers Market, every Saturday or order online.

£££: Classic white loaf, £1.30, Sourdough from £2.10. Fancy flavours from £4.00.

Linky: flourandspoon.uk, you can also follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

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