Community and Coffee with Hawkers & Peddlers of Manor Park

Last month we interviewed a couple of Far East{London} entrepreneurs who also happen to be the newest Barristas on the block, Jenny and Danielle of Hawkers & Peddlers.

We had a right nice natter about their glorious coffee cart that is keeping all of you Manor Park-ers bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings, as well as talking coffee (obvs) and community. We also mined them ruthlessly for local tips and did our damnedest to persuade them to bring their special pour-over skills another mile south in to East Ham once in a while (Saturdays, East Ham Market, guys? #JustSaying!!!).

Scroll down for all the juicy details. We hope you enjoy the interview and if you like their coffee don’t forget to like them on Twitter & Instagram (@Hawker&peddler), or even better, pop by and say hello. They can be found at Manor Park Station every day from 7am – 11am.


EB: What were you doing before we rudely interrupted you?

H&P: Haha, actually Jenny has just finished her shift in the rain (yes, we go out in all weather including political thunderstorms! 😉 ) and Danielle has just run over to help pack away. Team work makes the dream work! We’re both now soaking but laughing because its supposed to be Summer! Other than that we were about to have our Monday morning meeting to discuss expansion and summer menus, which include new croissants and chocolate brownies.

EB: We know you guys can be found at Manor Park Station each morning… Do you live in Far East London as well? (Um, we don’t need your full address and postcode, unless you want us knocking on your door at 6am demanding proper coffee of the highest degree)

H&P: Yep, we’re both Manor Park’ers, in fact we live almost opposite each other, just around the corner from the station so we probably have the shortest commute in London. Our day starts at 6:30am at Jenny’s house where we store the cart. Once it has been cleaned and packed we then push the cart up to the station so we can be set up by 7am. It must be quite a sight seeing us every morning going up to the station, kind of like a throw back to the days when hawkers, peddlers and rag n’ bone men were part of the streets scape of East London. We’ve got used to being photographed and filmed by locals.

EB: Tell us a bit about why you like the east side, and what brought you here?

H&P: (Jenny)- I love the closeness of the Wanstead Flats, the green space and the quaintness of the area and it’s also great that you can get into Central London super quickly if you need to. There is a sense of community here that I have never had before and it felt that it was a natural progression to come to Manor Park from Hackney, where I had lived for most of my life. I also found the house of my dreams here. It just made sense.
(Danielle) I totally agree with Jenny, I’m from up North and there is a huge sense of community up there whereas in London you don’t always get that. Manor Park is like no other place I have ever lived in London, the community is incredible, supportive, friendly, diverse and super interesting. I’ve met people here that I would call my best friends now, we always joke that once you’ve settled in Manor Park you don’t ever leave. Also, the Wanstead Flats are so incredible, it’s like we live in the countryside but at the same time are so close to the city.

EB: Top Tip for new East Enders? Know any good breakfast spots, awesome takeaways or any other generally awesome place to kick back in Manor Park?

H&P: For all new East Enders we cannot recommend the Wanstead Flats enough: Kite flying, picnics, dog walking, nature, the stables, amazing walks and then you can round it all off at The Golden Fleece pub which overlooks the park (and has a huge beer garden!). We also love Dig a Little, a monthly event at The Fleece which has the funkiest beats in E12. We have danced the night away at their gigs in the sunshine. We’re also really excited for The Earl of Essex to open, which we have heard on the grapevine is happening in Autumn!

EB: Have you ever been to East Ham? Was it good?

H&P:  Yes we come to East Ham all the time. The Taste of India is one of the best curry restaurants we’ve ever eaten in so we’re in there A LOT! The East Enders equivalent of Waitrose aka Lidl is our fave, we’re regulars at the Swathi Cash and Carry on High St North and the fish monger opposite the East Ham Town Hall is out of this world …Oh also, Jenny loves Wilko and spends too much time in there (especially when there is a bulb sale!).

EB: What’s your coffee of choice? Frappa-lappa-mocha-chino? Hand ground espresso? Kenco from a jar (only joking, hahaha!)

H&P: Orange-Mocha-Frappachino!? Only joking, yuk! Our favourite is our own pour over coffee, freshly ground beans from Monmouth Coffee Co and we both take it black. Simple and delicious. No messing about there just good quality coffee, poured with skill and love to saviour the delicate flavour.

EB: Tell us a bit about the awesomeness that is Hawkers & Peddlers… How did you get in to the barista business?

H&P: Well we’ve live here now for three years, the first year we didn’t really meet because we were both restoring and renovating our houses and both had full time jobs, but during our second year we met at a guerrilla gardening event organised by Jenny. We got chatting and you really couldn’t stop us, we bonded over house renovations, cats, food and glasses of prosecco(!!). We both said there needed to be a meeting point or coffee shop in the area and then one day came up with the idea of opening a coffee cart and things just went from there. We looked into coffee beans, licensing, equipment etc etc and after lots of research it was all set up and here we are! Now we serve top quality pour-over filter Monmouth Coffee, freshly roasted and freshly ground so it really is tip top quality. Apparently we are one of the only coffee places that does pour-over only coffee as well – we love that idea! We also serve a range of yummy Joe’s Teas as well as home made cakes and confectionery. If you can sample some of Jenny’s Banana Cake it is out of this world! The reviews on Google can confirm this, hehe! Also, please do check out our social media – our handle is @HawkersPeddlers on both twitter and Instagram and we’re also on facebook.

EB: What does 2016 hold for the H&P peeps? (Ahem, any chance of a break away stand arriving at Upton Park tube any time soon? How about a pop up coffee shop at Green Street Market??)

H&P: It’s really exciting time for us at the moment, we have had great support from the community and there are so many ideas floating about at the moment. We wouldn’t want to commit to anything particular yet but we would definitely like to see more pop up and market opportunities in Newham and an expansion for Hawkers & Peddlers is certainly on the cards. We would very much like to be part of the high street so watch this space…

EB: Round cheese or square cheese?

H&P: BOTH in a big fondue with some delicious french bread dipped in!! Drool!!!!


The deets:

What: A cute as a button coffee cart, selling fancy pants coffee and yummy cakes.

Where: Can be found at Manor Park station every morning from 7am – 11am

£££: Coffee from £2.20, Tea from £1.50.


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