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HOME GROWN TALENT: Electro-Pop from Gaptooth

Get your ears around this!

More on the HOME GROWN TALENT FRONT, this time from electro pop princess Gaptooth (AKA Hannah Lucy) who is about to self released her new EP (which was mixed by Oli Horton of Dreamtrak fame) and hails from the East Edge! We say get Sound Cloud open, load up this bad boy and have listen and see what she has got to say for herself…


EB: What were you doing before we rudely interrupted you?

GT: I was doing promotion for my new EP, which mostly involves sending out loads of emails to journalists, bloggers and DJs. Whilst sitting under a blanket with my cats.

EB: We heard a rumour that yoooose guys live on the edge (the EAST edge that is)… Which bit is your hood? (Um, we don’t need your full address and postcode, just an area, unless you want us to come and stand outside your front door being groupies and demanding autographs!)

GT: I live in East Ham, not far from the tube. I moved here from Bow in 2014.

EB: Tell us a bit about why you like the east side?

GT: I like all the old Victorian houses and the parks. I also like that there seems to be a lot of grassroots left-wing political activism around here, like the Boleyn Development 100 and Focus E15 mums. People are standing up against austerity.

EB: Any Top Tip for new East Enders? Know any good breakfast spots? Best pub? Awesome takeways?

GT: Plashet Park is particularly nice in the Spring. It’s a bit thin on the ground for pubs in East Ham, but I like the Forest Tavern in Forest Gate. Oh, and Red Doors Studios, obviously – they sometimes have live music on Saturdays now.

EB: What’s hot on the decks in the Gaptooth household (apart from Pillow Fort, obvs)?

GT: I’ve been listening to a lot of Sleater-Kinney recently, as I just finished reading Carrie Brownstein’s memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. I also made myself a ‘best of The Mountain Goats’ playlist after I saw them live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in November and I’ve been listening to it a lot ever since.

EB: Tell us a bit about Gaptooth. How long have you been singing? Where does the name come from? How long did it take to record and produce (we notice you self produced and released… interesting, tell us more…)

GT: I’ve been making music ever since I can remember. My dad is a sound engineer, so there was always music and recording equipment in the house when I was growing up, and my brother and I wrote and recorded songs quite often.

I adopted the name ‘Gaptooth’ and started performing in my current guise in 2006. Basically I had a gig booked and I had to come up with a name for myself pretty quickly. I wanted something which didn’t sound too pretentious. I’ve always had a little gap between my two front teeth, so that was where the name came from. In retrospect I kind of regret naming myself after an aspect of my appearance I feel insecure about, but I felt like once I picked it I had to stick with it! I wish I could say it was about body positivity and challenging normative standards of beauty but it wasn’t as well thought through as that.

I wrote the songs on this EP over the course of about 18 months, Last summer I spent a few days in a caravan in the New Forest finishing off all the songs, and then I spent a day at Dreamtrak Studio in Hackney recording the vocals and then mixing all the songs. On my first album I worked with a couple of producers on most of the tracks, but this time I’ve done more of it myself. That’s partly to save money on studio time, but it also means I have more control over the sound.

EB: What does 2016 hold for Gaptooth? Any plans for local projects, side projects or collaborations we shoudl know about?

GT: After the Pillow Fort EP is released in March I’ll play a few gigs around London and elsewhere (dates and venues TBC) and carrying on recording my second album. I haven’t played any gigs in Newham yet, but I hope that’s something I can do this year.

EB: Round cheese or square cheese?

GT: This is an exceptionally difficult question, as the best two cheeses are obviously goat’s cheese, which is often round, and halloumi, which is usually square. That said, I do sometimes eat the dinosaur-shaped cheese they sell in Tesco, so if we’re judging cheeses on their shape alone I suppose they would have to win.

Loving that? Want more?

So how was that? Don’t you feel proud of all the creative talent knocking about in East Ham on your own darn door step?

Want to hear more about Gaptooth. Here’s her website deets, and the EP is out on 4th March 2016. Enjoy.

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