Winter is coming… Well, a Winter Market actually!

Oooooh. We love a winter craft market, and much to our delight, the folks over at the GRA (that’s Greatfield Residents association for those of you who don’t already know) are organising another one of their fun and funky craft markets.

Last time, East Blam had a whale of time handing out free badges, and eating cup cakes (take a peek at the pictures here). This time, we will be selling lots of random second hand vinyl, so if you like music or indeed a rummage then come down to Buford Road, East Ham and say hello. It’s this Saturday BTW, here’s the Facebook event for techno-bods who have figured out how to link their diary to their Facebook account (I know, that’s actually a thing! All the kids are doing it!)

There will be lots of other stalls too, from cup cakes and samosas, to pottery and hand made crafts.

Be there, or be a rectangle or whatever.

The deets:

What: A market. Run by locals to support local trade.

Where: St. George & St. Ethelbert’s Church, Burford Road, East Ham, E6 3NN

£££: Freeeeeeeee!

Linky: https://www.facebook.com/events/1632886013641486/


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