A meaty treat on game day. Footie fan, or no…

Not fans of the beautiful game ourselves, we have been staying well out of the way of the crowds on match day but we heard a whisper about ribs that was enough to tempt us out on to the mean streets a few hours before kick off… Not just any ribs, these are rumoured to be best bloody ribs in London. Cooked by The Rib Man right on our doorstep in E6. Watch out Shoreditch, Newham has got it GOING ON!

Pig. In a bun. With hot sauce. What’s not to love!

We discovered some SERIOUS MEAT! Purists only please – you won’t find any hoity toity coleslaw or granary bread in here mate. This is all about the pig. Served in a classic fresh white bloomer with Rib Man’s own seriously hot sauce (aptly named Holy Fuck). This is not for the faint hearted and it is totally totally delicious.


At £7 for a standard portion and the option to go LARGE for £10, you get proper east end value for money but be warned, they ALWAYS sell out before kick off. Get there early if you don’t want to be disappointed (or worse, hungry).

Game days in Upton Park and every Sunday at Brick Lane market…

If you want to check the ribs out for yourself, you can find The Rib Man outside the Boleyn pub on Green Street on home game days (here for a map), or at Brick lane market every Sunday. If you are brave enough, you can also buy a bottle of his secret recipe hot sauce on his website. Good luck.


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