East Ham Market Hall: the foodie’s best kept secret…

A traditional market with a focus on food.

East Ham’s market hall is a traditional market affair, just off high Street North, E6 where cheapie stalls, fruit and veg and odds and sods sit side by side with oriental food stuffs, caribbean ingredients, and haberdasheries to boot. A far cry from the inflated trendy markets you might find in the middle east of london, East Ham Market hall still has a certain charm.

Honest and practical, this place has been open since the 20’s and must be a best kept secret amongst local foodies – we found some fresh and funky looking veg stalls (as you might expect) plus a huddle of specialist food stalls, including a fantastic and brightly decorated Asian & oriental food stall (tamarind sauce and my fave brand of chilli sauce – GET IN MY BASKET!) and a full to the brim Caribbean mini-mart with yams and hot pepper sauces a plenty.

Quick Samosa stop (om nom nom!)

We stopped mid way for a samosa from Coffera which was DELICIOUS and came with its own pot of chilli dipping sauce. Coffera is a perfect place to rest up once you have grabbed all the ingredients that you can’t buy from Tesco or Sainsbo’s…. They do the usual local cafe faves, but also some traditional indian snack dishes, which we would highly recommend.


Getting crafty at the haberdashery…

For craft lovers, tailors or make-do-and-menders there are a few fab haberdasheries – we spent quite some time poring over buttons and thread colours, trying to decide on our favourite vintage patches that were hiding in the bargain bin (we went for ELVIS, yeah!)


Best for hard to find ingredients and well worth a few hours exploration.

All in all the market was quieter than we were expecting, with some stalls recently closed which is a real shame. It would be nice to see more investment in this quirky and retro cool piece of East ham’s heritage. Oi, Newham council, pull yer finger out!

It is  however excellent for those who like to experiment, to craft, to make stuff and eat new stuff. If you don’t like the homogenized chain mentality of  today’s high streets, or the sanitized shopping experience of Strat{west}field then East Ham Market hall is a good place to SHOP LOCAL! We certainly will be…

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  • Reply Maria July 4, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    it’s definetely place with potential… unfortunately very smelly… fish market doesn’t encourage to enter this place

    • Reply East Blam July 11, 2017 at 2:10 pm

      Thanks for your comments Maria, we are quite big fish fans, so very happy there is a fish market but of course it is not for everyone.

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