The Bike-tastic and car free GREENWAY

East BLAM to Strat{west}field in 25 mins. Traffic free? Don’t mind if I do… A quick post for the cycling enthusiasts.

Before taking up residency in East BLAM, I cycled to work every day so have been keen to investigate the cycle paths of Newham.

I heard a rumour about a mythical pathway called ‘The Greenway’ that takes you from East BLAM all the way to Stratford (AKA Strat-field) and beyond. It runs on an old sewer line, and past the Lea sewage works WITHOUT ANY CARS!

I wondered and speculated wildly: Where does it start? where does it stop?  Is it lit? Is it a smooth ride?  Is it safe for women to cycle at night? Is it stinky (it is on a sewer works, silly!)?

Try as I might, Google did not yield any helpful results. The only option was to go old skool, and actually see it for myself.

Seek and Ye shall find: here are the answers and a handy video above.


Start: 51°32′15″N 0°01′29″W

End: 51°31′08″N 0°04′21″E

Greenway map Newham

Is it lit?

Um no. But it does have some cool cats eyes on one part.

Is it a smooth ride?  

It is tarmac, with grass at either side. There are a few lumps and bumps but largely smooth.

Is it safe for women to cycle at night?

I cycled it after dark on a Sunday evening. It was quite isolated and quiet – no people, but also no anti social behavior to report (not like cycling the canals after dark which can get a bit hairy). All in all, I think it seemed relatively safe but not well populated so usual common sense rules apply.

Is it stinky (it is on a sewer works, silly!)?

A few parts were a little stinky, but mostly, no.


All in all, the Newham Greenway is a great way to get from A to B. You can get from Central Park in East Ham, to Stratford in 25 mins. 18 for speedy speedsters.

It’s not the prettiest ride you have ever had, but is smooth, and car free so it makes the journey quick and easy. Definitely the fastest (aka coolest) way to travel in E6.

It could do with a bit of love from Newham council, but hey ho. The more we use it, the better it will get.

greenway canning

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